• Lamar G. Thomas

Evening Dresses With Collar glass beads

The other day I was looking for a model for an evening dress to wear at a party that soon I will. I took several days to go to the shops and department stores to try on various models and see what’s new in the windows. And what I was seeing was a lot of low-cut dresses, sleeveless, backless, but with neck. Neck type something like “halter” but in this case, the neck is a wide band that fastens behind, attached to dress thin strips; instead of following the dress fabric and tying behind the neck.

The novelty of these collars is that they are glass beads or glass beads, according to know and strips that connect the neck to the rest of the dress, some are also embroidered with sequins and other accounts. Initially hesitate a little, because it made me stale, but when I tried them and found myself in the mirror, I loved it, they are super deluxe. This neck that at first seemed strange because I looked like a necklace to walk the dog, it was enough that I try to fall in love style, then adds a touch of class to the neck and especially if you have a long neck, the kind that he is called “gooseneck”.

Most of the dresses models come with a floor length, type siren cut, sleeveless, low-cut and solid color, because all the attention is blowing in the neck and tie strips. These look wonderful detailing, some dresses are embroidered sequin, others are beautiful fabrics that hug the body perfectly. I liked it so much, that after me these days estarme testing models, looked for the same designs on the internet and I found some interesting things and with very good prices. Next is that of embroidery strong necks and personally, I liked it so much as looked, the other day I went to buy beads and got multiple accounts to renew an occasional piece of my wardrobe. The truth surprised price, I did not imagine they were so accessible and that they are also using the stones for the necks of the shirts that you use every day, because I found the task to get to modernize some of the clothes I had stored there. Bordarles after the accounts were as if just purchased one of the department stores was visiting.

It’s good to occasionally go out to the stores to see what modern design. We have seen that new designers, analyze things and prove that we have and that we can apply in the clothes you already have. And as soon as I bought the beautiful dress with embroidered collar.

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