• Lamar G. Thomas

Chic Steal – Cut Out boots

I’m a horrible person when it comes to buying shoes. I can go in every shop in London and not find a pair I like, my boyfriend will agree with this! Boots however, are worse, horrendous! Weeks of searching and I find nothing! I kinda give up, find a pair I can get my feet in and shrug and go “fine” and buy them. It’s that hard to buy boots for me. However I’ve been loving the cut out boots, however had no hope of finding any.

Red Herring – Black cut out mid ankle boots -£55.00

I love how they look with dresses etc and like them with jeans and leggings. Cut out boots and skirts/dresses are my dream though! I wasn’t sure at first about the whole trend, mainly the wet feet issue, but I just don’t give a damn! I tried these on in Debenhams and found love (7 pairs later, after me and my mother gave up her delusion of me having knee high ones,something I gave up on long ago.) I love these, and for the price and how well they are made, I think they are a bit of a steal! I know you can get cheaper ones but the other seemed clumpy these however are understated and there is just something a little feminine about them!

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